When the dough gets tickled,
Pete's a pizza by William Steig

Pete's are in a bad mood,just when he's supposed to play ball with the guys,it decided to rain.

Pete's father can't help noticing how miserable his son is.He thinks it might joke Pete up to be made into pizza.So he set him down on the kitchen table,and starts milling the doll.And stretch in this way and that.Now the doll gets world and pulled up in the air.Next,some oil is general slip fire,it's really water.Then come some flour,it's really talcum powder.And then,some tomatoes,they are really jaggers.He can't help tittering when his mother says she doesn't like tomatoes on her pizza.'All right',says the father,'no tomatoes,just some cheese'.The cheese is pieces of paper.How about some pepper,petey?He can't answer because he's only some doll or stuff.But when actor gets tickled,he would laugh like crazy.

'Pizza is not supposed to laugh.'

'Pizza makers are not supposed to tickle their pizzas.'

'Well',says the father,'it's time for this pizza to be put in the oven.'

'Ah,now our pizza is nice and hot.'

Pete's father brings the pizza to the table.

'It's time to slice our pizza'he says.

But the pizza runs away.And the pizza maker chases him.The pizza gets catched and huged.Now the sun's coming out,and so the pizza decides to go and look for his friends.


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