I am Ook, Ook the Book.Do you see me in my nook?Will you stop and take a look?You will see,I'm one good book!

I am Ake, Ake the snake.I can bake.See my cake?If you take my snake cake,I will put you in the lake!

I am In,In the twin.I am as thin as a pin!My pig,Lin is not so thin.

I am Ug,Ug the bug.This is Glug,Glug the slug.Do you want a bug slug hug?

I am At,At the cat.Do you see Pat?He is my rat.I sat on Pat,so he is flat.

I am Et,Et the pet.Et the wet pet in a net.Do you need a wet net pet?You can get me free I bet.

I am Ee,Ee the bee.Do you see Lee,up in the tree?You are free to look for Lee.But gee,that bee is hard to see!

I am Eep,Eep the sheep.This is Peep.She needs to sleep.Please do not make that jeep go beep!

I am Id,Id the kid.Did you see what I just did?I hid a squid under old Sid!

I am Ing,Ing the thing.I bring string to the king.If you need a bit of string,just give a ring,to Ing the thing.

I am Ow,Ow the cow.I can bark.Bow wow wow.Don't ask me why,don't ask me how.I am just that kind of cow.

I am Y,Y the fly.It is time to say goodbye.I will try not to cry.But my,it's hard to say goodbye!


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