The dot
What does the teacher mean when she says Vashti has drawn a polar bear in a snow storm?
Art class was over but Vashti sat glued to her chair.Her paper was empty.Vashti's teacher leaned over the blank paper.
"Ah!A polar bear in a snow storm,"she said"Very funny!"said Vashti."I just can't draw!"Her teacher smiled."Just make a mark and see where it takes you."Vashti grabbed a marker and gave the paper a good, strong jab."There!"Her teacher picked up the paper and studied it carefully."Hmmmmm."She pushed the paper toward Vashti and quietly said,"Now sign it."Vashti thought for a moment."Well,maybe I can't draw,but I can sign my name."
The next week,when Vashti walked into art class,she was surprised to see what was hanging above her teacher's desk.It was the little dot she had drawn-HER DOT!All framed in swirly gold."Hmmph!I can make a better dot than THAT!"
She opened her never-before-used set of watercolors and set to work.Vashti painted and painted.A yellow dot,A green dot,A red dot,A blue dot.The purple mixed with the red.She dis -covered that she could make a PURPLE dots Vashti kept experiment los of little dots in my colors.
"If I can make little dots,I can make big dots,too." Vashti splashed her colors with a bigger bursh on bigger paper to make bigger dots.Vashti even made a dot by not painting a dot.
At the school art show a few week later.Vashti's many dots made quiet a splash.
Vashti nocited a boy gazing up at her."You are very a great artist.I wish I could draw."
he said."I bet you can."said Vashti."ME?No,not me.I can't draw with a straight line with ruler."Vashti smile.She handed the boy sheet of paper."Show me."The boy's pen-
cil shook as he drew his line.Vashti stared at the boy's squiggle.And then she said
"Please...sign it."


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