Mum, Dad, Ben and Tess are in the van. They are going to have a picnic. Sam and Pam are hiding in the back of the van.

“Look, look! Let´s stop here by the lake!” says Mum.
“Look, look, look! Lake, lake, lake!” whisper Sam and Pam.

It is a very hot day so the children put on their hats. Ben grabs the bat and Tess grabs the ball. “Hit the ball Ben! Hit the ball to me!”

Dad looks in the lake. “Look at the fish. I can see a black fish, flat fish and fat fish! I want to catch a fat fish!” Dad can´t catch a fish but Sam and Pam can!

Mum fetches the picnic basket from the van and Ben and Tess help put the food on the rug. They have lots of buns, bananas, jam sandwiches and jelly. “I love picnics!” says Dad.

They finish their food and Mum says, “Let´s play I spy! I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘j’!”
“J... j... jam?” says Dad.
“J... j... jelly?” says Tess.
“No!” says Mum.
Ben looks up. “I know! Jet!”

“My turn!” says Ben. “I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘h’.” This one is hard.
“H... h... house?” says Mum.
“H... h... hat?” says Tess.
“No. It’s over there!” says Ben.

Sam and Pam like to spy. They want to use their spypad to guess the word.
“Hat?” “House?” “Hair?”
“H... h... h... hen!” they laugh.

It’s time to go home. Ben and Tess put the rubbish in a bag. “Please put the bag in the bin!” calls Dad. They go back home in the van. On the way home Sam and Pam make a plan.

“Fish, fish, fish,” whisper Sam and Pam and they leave a surprise for Dad.
“Look! Look behind the basket! Dad! Your fat, black fish is here on the floor!” everybody laughs!


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