Family Power
A harmonious family life provides each family member with the most
Did you know that nothing impacts the success of a business more than the quality of family life of the people that work for that business? Did you know that nothing impacts the quality of a child's performance at school than the quality of that child's family life?
A harmonious family life provides each family member with the most potent power to succeed that you can imagine. On the other hand, when a family is in strife, when there is unhappiness and conflict going on in the family, every family member is unempowered by that. The level of performance when you go to work, the level of performance when the child goes to school, the health, the happiness of every family member is undermined by family discord and is incredibly supported by family harmony.
So I want to show you how to create family harmony for family power. It begins by you keeping in mind that there is nothing more important than preserving, or doing what you can to preserve and contribute to the harmony of the family. That means when you try to fix something, how you fix it is all important. When your children are not behaving well, or the way you want them to, or your mate is making a mistake in your eyes, or you've got financial problems, or any problem that you are facing, your first responsibility is to be sure that you are interacting with your family members in a way that contributes to family harmony. It means that you are relating with your family in a kind and conscious manner. That you are demonstrating respect. That you are feeling respect for every family member.
Now the problem is we usually think that how we relate to the people in our family usually depends on how our family members behave. But what you have to do is reverse that thinking to access family power. To achieve family power you have to be a leader. And leaders do it first, and leaders do it alone. That means when your children seem totally bent on destroying the family harmony, or your spouse seems to compeletely ignore it because he or she is rushing around, behaving in a chaotic frenzied manner, losing patience, being critical, your responsibility is to do your best to not contribute to the chaos. And the way you do that is by preserving your own harmonious way of functioning in the family.
No family is in harmony all the time. But the more harmonious your family life, the more empowered every member of your family is to function at your highest level; at their highest level. Star noticing your own habitual reactions. When you automatically react with anger and stress, with frustration and patience. You are creating at atmosphere in your home that undermines family power and therefore drains the family of family power. So keep in mind, that you cant really help yourself or any member of your family in any more important way than by relating consistenly in a loving harmonious way with your family under all circumstances. And the bigger the trials, the bigger your challenges in life, the more you need to relate with your family in a loving way that supports family harmony even when it seems to be producing no results. Because it is.
You are planting a seed. A seed that will bear fruit. The fruit of more family harmony and more family power that supports each and every member of your family into soaring success.


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